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April 14, 2011


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Maria Pinochet


Thanks for your list of ways that “virtual-work hours“ are a GREEN business practice. Also, I appreciate the many advantages that e-teams offer business owners who seek to develop sustainable business practices that enhance both people and profits! Be sure to check out Sally’s blog, Team Powered Success.

Sally Vickers

I'm so very pleased to hear that consumers are buying more "green". It's not always easy because of price, or product.

We should also be trying to work from home more often and create virtual business teams.

The research has been done and it has been proven that in the business world the increased use of Virtual Teams could:

■Lower the number of cars on the road
■Lower the effects on the environment
■Lower the demands on fuel which might lower the cost of gasoline
■Lower business overhead which could save jobs and businesses
■Lower the stress of commuting which could lower health care cost.
■Lower the time away from the kids which could lower the drop out rates
See the rest of the article at

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